Day: May 20, 2018

The Best Way to Spend Summer with your Kids (Finding a Moment to Get your Kids and Baby Loafers for Summer Activities)

Summer is quickly approaching and the kids are going to be out of school on summer break. Besides doing your summer shopping that includes getting Kids and Baby Loafers (perfect summer shoes) for the little ones and getting other summer and pool time essentials, you also have to plan summer activities to keep the kids busy. Once school is out you are going to have the kids around the house all the time. They get bored easily so you need to keep them occupied. Also keeping them occupied could give you some free time to do other things, get some rest or catch a breath. It’s also a time to teach your kids some new skills or help them develop other curiosities that are not necessarily taught in school. Below are some summer activities you can do with your kids

Summer Activities Ideas

Build a Fort

Building a fort is always fun and the kids would love it because they love to play pretend. You can give them the things needed such as sheets, pillows, and fairy lights and have them come up with different ideas and designs. That should keep them occupied. They can also spend the summer coming up with new fort ideas, designs, and decoration so they keep changing it and this will keep them occupied even more.

Go on a Family Hike

Going outdoors and spending time in nature is a good family activity and its also an activity that creates many memories and good laughs. If you are going on a family hike with toddlers you need to be extra prepared. Make sure you have solid infant carriers, a good supply of food, water, and snacks. And make sure they are dressed in appropriate clothing and shoes. Also, do research on the park or area you are going hiking at to ensure you have all the emergency services numbers and understand the hiking trail perfectly. If you are not an expert hiker, when going with kids, it’s better to go on an easy-medium hike.

Schedule Story Time

Story time doesn’t just have to be before bedtime. You can pick along storybook and read it together over several weeks. You could also pick an audiobook to listen to during family road trips. Listening to an audiobook aloud as a family is a great way to build memories as you share in a story you can discuss and laugh over.

Teach Them Basic Skills

You can teach your kids some basic skill that they wouldn’t normally learn in school. You can teach them how to tidy the house or their room for example. Or teach them how to make a simple meal or how to do laundry. You could also teach your kids about finances and taxes or practice some math in fun ways. They might not learn much but it exposes them to the topic and summer after summer as they grow older they learn more and more. By the time they are teenagers, they’ll already know more about finance than the average teenager. Make use of time well to teach your kids these things so they can be properly functioning adults.

Spend Time Outdoors

Spend as much time as possible outdoors. The weather is going to be nice all the time so spend time outdoors with the kids. Go to the park, the pool, or the beach and just while away in the sun while the kids run around being kids.

Set Up Play Dates

Summer is a good time to make new friends and have play dates. You can also send your kids to summer camp where they’ll make new friends and meet new people. You could also sign them up for classes during the summer where they will also make new friends and meet new people while learning something new. In summary, summer is a time to explore, try new things and spend time bonding with your kids. Below is a list of summer activities you can try with your kids. At least one or two things on this list should give you an idea of where to start and how to have the best time with your kids.

List of Summer Activities for Kids

  • Read books in the afternoons
  • -Paint the sidewalk with water
  • -Ride bikes and scooters
  • -Walk to the park and play
  • -Go swimming down at the pool, lake, or beach
  • -Visit a farm and meet the animals
  • -Give the kids each 2 dollars and take a trip to the dollar store
  • -Go to the zoo
  • -Teach them a new card game and go play it on a blanket in the yard
  • -Have a picnic
  • -Make homemade popsicles
  • -Build fairy houses from sticks and leaves and then place them around the yard to be inhabited by magical people
  • -Plant wildflowers
  • -Write our own story, illustrate it and bind it
  • -Play soccer, frisbee, baseball or catch
  • -Visit the local farmer’s market
  • -Attend storytime at the library
  • -Run through the sprinkler or have a water fight
  • -Invent a song
  • -Go for an easy hike
  • -Build a fort inside
  • -Play with Play-Doh
  • -Paint a picture
  • -Do some yard work together with fun music and easy goals
  • -Make treats and deliver them to friends who live within walking distance
  • -Choose a subject and become experts on it
  • -Look up DIY projects online that would be appropriate for kids
  • -Create crazy hairstyles
  • -Build a fort
  • -Sign up for a parent and child class
  • -Learn a new skill
  • -Start learning a new language together

This is only a small picture of what you are able to do with your children. Please feel to add to this list and be creative as you do such!